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We are a subsidiary of PlaSteelAZ. GOT FOD? is a leader and innovator of Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) products. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of your Foreign Object Debris (FOD) needs and information. Utilizing our capabilities in fabrication, CNC machining, injection molding and distribution of raw materials, we are revolutionizing Lean Manufacturing products and FOE tools. We can also assist in turning your ideas into full production products.

“[PlaSteelAZ’s] Tool Control method has proven to be easy and effective. They provide quality shadow board trays with minimal work on our part; the tools fit correctly in place and are easy to remove when needed. [PlaSteelAZ] has provided a simple and effective solution to one of the major issues my company faces day to day. They are easy to work with and take the time to make sure their product works correctly for our needs.”

Mike Sherwood

“One advantage of the foam from [PlaSteelAZ] is the lack of foam fibers on yours tools and in the box creating a potential for FOD.”

John Gresko

Report: Easy to use. [PlaSteelAZ] staff have been very responsive. We expect it to stand up to normal wear and tear for a longer period of time than traditional foam board. This will reduce cost, and effort of periodic replacement.

“Our location was previously cutting foam trays by hand and we averaged nearly 3-4 hours per tray. Another issue was the foam wasn’t rigid therefore creating FOD and a continual problem for having to create new trays. [PlaSteelAZ] supplied us with a unique product to resolve many of these issues… We can’t thank [PlaSteelAZ] enough for introducing us to their system and helping us realize the excess cost and time being wasted…”

Danny Chavez

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