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FOD Tool & Part Trays

One emerging industrial issue is that of managing FOD with strict Tool Control. Plastic Engineering has developed Tool Control methods that are effective for managing both Foreign Object Damage and the cost of Tool Control. Find out how we can help cut costs while setting up Tool Control methods in the workplace.

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Sample Work

Got FOD offers custom two-tone tool and part trays, including fitting for industrial-strength SKB cases.

Tool Tray Case
Tool & Part Trays
tool trays
Fod Tool Trays
Matco 5s Tool Box
arizona part trays
Tool Tray
Part Trays
Labeled Part Trays
Fod Tool Trays
Fod Custom Tool Carts
arizona tool trays
Tool Case
Fod Part Trays
Screw Driver Organizer
labeled tray
Gilbert Part Trays
arizona part tray
Tool Tray SKB Case
Transparent Tool Tray
tool tray
equipment case
tool tray
Tempe Tool Trays
Arizona tool tray

Unique Tool & Part Kitting


No More Cutting Tool Drawers by Hand!

Save time, money and headaches using our patented light box camera system (Tool Photo Box System). Our Custom Materials are superior due to the current industry foam and prevent FOD while adding years of shelf-life. PlaSteel tool drawers can be produced in a few short weeks, rather than months, and are very competitive.

How It Works

As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

tool photo box system

Purchase System

Purchase the lightbox system for on-site use to quickly photograph tools or parts.


Submit Photos

Submit photos to Plastic Engineering by email or by using our secure FTP site. Our team will then convert the photo to a CAD file using our custom software solution.



After the file has been converted, it will be uploaded to a CNC router or waterjet to produce your shadowboard, also known as a tool or part drawer. PlaSteel will retain a database of your files for future use as needed.

Tool Photo Box System

TPBS Kit includes:

  • lightbox
  • camera stand
  • enclosure
  • camera
  • accessories
tool trays

Our Proprietary Materials

STATA-LITE (Industry Foam)

This is nothing new, except that we can cut it to match the specific requirements of your tooling and part kitting needs. STATA-LITE will break down over time though, just like any other foam.

**Not recommended for clean room use.

Available Colors:
Black, Red, Blue, Yellow

STATA-DENE (Chemically Inert Rigid)

This material sits between STATA-CELL and STATA-LENE in both cost and performance. Like STATA-LENE, this material is chemically inert. It is also exceptionally rigid and will never break down. (You could run it over with a truck and it would laugh at you.)

**Recommended for chemical environments where ESD is not a concern.

Available Colors:
Black, White, Light Gray, Beige, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple

STATA-CELL (Rigid Foam Replacement)

This is our answer to standard foam break-down and FOD concerns. STATA-CELL will not break down like foam, and the difference in price is negligible. STATA-CELL is our most popular solution.

**Not recommended for clean room use.

Available Colors:
Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Light Blue, Beige


STATA-LENE is our answer to the ESD dilemma. This will be our recommendation for any clean room or FOD Critical environment. As a result of material cost, this option generally costs about twice as much as our STATA-CELL.

**Recommended for clean room and FOD CRITICAL areas.

Available Colors:
Black (Blue ESD Mat is used to create two-toned effect for visual management)

The Tower



  • Visual Management
  • Small Footprint
  • Fully Customizable
  • Sliding Tool Trays
  • Steel Structure
  • ESD Option
  • Mobile

Watch the Tower video to see the system in action


tool control tower

Customizable FOD Signs


FOD Signs.plt FOD Signs.plt
FOD Control Area Sign FOD Signs.plt

Eliminate FOD


Different Products for Different Needs

  • Part Control
  • Enclosed HCO’s & Drawers
  • Portable HCO’s
  • Slanted Pockets
  • ESD Available (also in 2-tone)

Customizable Features

  • Perforated FOD Tray System
  • Handles
  • Removable Walls
  • Security Latches
  • Clear-Hinged Lids

hardware organizer hardware tray

hardware organizer hardware tray with lid hardware drawers

hardware tray with handle hardware tray